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1. What time does our event have to end?


2. Can we bring in our own food for our event?

No. We do not allow any outside food, other than wedding cakes and desserts, to be brought into for your reception. We have our exclusive caterers who are more than happy to work with you to meet your catering needs.

3. Can you host wedding ceremonies and receptions?
4. There are some additional things we’d like to have that are not listed. Can you help us make arrangements to bring those elements into our event?

Of course! We have relationships with many different outside vendors who are available to help customize your special day. If you don’t see something listed that you would like to include in your wedding day, just let us know and we can help connect you with our rental partners.

5. Will someone from The Bradbury be at the venue during my event to help if any issues should arise?

Yes, our Sales & Events manager will be on site on the day of your wedding to make sure all vendors have access

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